My Bio

Simon Cousins

Simon Cousins is a Principal Specialist at FM Global, specializing in Antivirus, Windows support, eDiscovery and software development.  Simon has worked at FM Global for 20+ years and over the years has led and participated in hundreds of small, medium and large projects throughout the enterprise.  As an SME for his areas of knowledge he creates custom software solutions to protect and manage 6000+ laptops and desktops around the world.  As part of a team of (computer) endpoint specialists, Simon’s team manages every aspect of the Windows environment.  The team supports and solves problems for business users, developers, database administrators, server, security and data networking teams.  Simon is passionate about computers, gadgets and technology and has a specific interest in all things malware and antivirus protection.  He has spoken at several events on malware threat protection and triage and trains internal employees on approaches and techniques to address malware.

Simon is also the CEO of Noximaze Software Solutions, LLC and Noximaze Consulting Services.  This provides Simon an outlet for the ideas he has that help enterprise, IT Pro and home users deal with software automation in the form of unique software utilities.